CAD Service

Our talented CAD team can take your dreams of a fully designed card sleeve, carton box, or luxury rigid box, and make them a fully folded reality.

Whether you want white, recycled, or metallic board, we can provide carton or box proofs that will elevate your packaging to a new level, folding, cutting and gluing to create a sustainable packaging solution for your product.

Supplied flat or fully formed and embellished with a range of premium finishes or simply ‘blank’ we work alongside our in-house artwork and design team to create custom packaging box mock-ups made to the exact specification of your product.

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CAD Carton Options include:

Nested Trays

Cardboard nested trays are a sustainable and recyclable alternative to plastic trays.

Fruit Punnets

High-quality cardboard punnets are a recyclable option to transport and store fruit. Punnets are available in printed or plain formats.

Food-to-Go cartons

Recyclable food-to-go cartons available with windows or fully enclosed, all fully lined and waterproof. Our CAD team can create cartons to a wide variety of specifications!

Clamshell cartons

For a wide variety of uses, shapes and sizes. Clamshell cartons are a efficient way to keep food products warm and present them to the consumer.

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