Flexible Packaging

Flexible for every project

Flexible packaging is a cost-effective and efficient option that refers to the use of non-rigid materials such as foil, flow wraps and polypropylene to create a bag, stand up pouch or sachet.

Particularly useful for products that require versatile packaging, flexible materials allow products of any shape or size to be packaged in an economical, effective way.

Using less energy to produce than rigid packaging, and with a range of recycled and recyclable flexible materials available, flexible packaging can be a sustainable option. Talk to our experts about the best solution for your new product development.


Range of material choices

With access to a giant library and years of printing and packaging experience we can offer and advise on the best materials for flexible packaging.

Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches are a popular choice of flexible packaging due to their versatility and options for multiple printing methods.

Flow wraps

Perfect for products that need to be packed and sealed on the production line, flow wrap allows for the printed label/packaging to be wrapped directly around the product. Reducing packing and material.

Flexible packaging printing

With a range of different options to print on flexible packaging you have options to achieve different finishes on flexible packaging, from flexo to digital.

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