Pet Food Packaging

Perfect Packaging for Man’s Best Friends

Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in the rapidly growing pet food market, with innovative pet food packaging designs replacing the more traditional options, particularly within premium pet food ranges.

Catching the eye of a savvy pet food consumer means grabbing their attention within just a few seconds, using graphic cues and icons to communicate important information such as ‘grain free’ or ‘organic’. Pet food packaging must to appeal to consumers hearts as well as their heads.

Creating a Proof+ pet packaging mock up is an important stage in the product development journey. The value of having a physical printed pouch, label or box sample that you can hold, feel and see through the eyes of your target customer should not be undervalued.

Working with leading material suppliers we can advise on the best substrates for your project, creating eco-friendly pet food packaging mock-ups that represent your brand perfectly.


Flexible Packaging Features

Flexible packaging

As part of the Reflex group, we have access to a variety of flexible packing solutions with a host of experience to come with it. Pouches and bags are perfect for the pet food market!

Can Labels Features

Can labels

We can create ‘shelf ready’ mock-ups of can labels in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes and colour profiles.

Outer Boxes Features

Outer boxes

Packaging boxes are a perfect way to display multipack pet food, and a great opportunity for creating a unique shelf presence. We can create outer box prototypes perfect for any product type.

Sustainable Materials Features

Sustainable materials

With access to a library of hundreds of sustainable, organic and recyclable materials we can create packaging mock-ups that harness your brand values and help save the environment!

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