Packaging and label prototypes for brands that expect the best

Product Prototyping & CAD design

Proof+ is a prototyping service that breathes energy into creativity; it provides brands, retailers, and beverage bottlers with the ability to bring packaging designs to life without having to invest in a full print run.

We work with brands from every sector, creating beautiful mock-ups for those who want to experience their product through the eyes of their consumers at any stage of the design process. As a part of the Reflex group, we have endless print knowledge and expertise, providing you with the best service that will accompany you through to your full print run.

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Colour Guardian Colour Management

Harnessing decades of print knowledge and expertise, we use our unique ‘Colour Guardian’ colour management technology to ensure spot colours are matched to within a delta reading of 2, which means you can be confident the proofs you receive are as close to the ‘final’ result as possible.

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Prototype Formats

Our prototyping service prints onto a wide variety of packaging formats in multiple industry sectors, including:

  • Labels
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Carton Board
  • Bottles
  • Cans
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Prototyping Services

Our proofing services are not limited to creating prototypes, our services help to make important design decisions such as material use, colours and more. Our services are:

  • Printed Prototyping
  • CAD Service
  • Colour Guardian
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Our Mission

Our mission is to become an essential step in the packaging design process, offering an unparalleled service whilst remaining true to our core values by being ‘brand guardians’ at every stage of the mock-up process.

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