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The health and beauty industry has experienced huge growth within the last few years, thanks in part to the exponential rise in social media platforms and users.

Marketing new health and beauty products will inevitably include a social media strategy to that will include ‘influencers’ showing your product (and product packaging!) to their audiences. This means that creating beautiful, luxury packaging that aligns with your brand story and gives customers a taste of what’s inside has never been more important.

Proof+ offers you the chance to create packaging prototypes and samples that you could use to either test the efficacy of your packaging, or use for marketing purposes prior to investing in a full-print run.

We pride ourselves on creating packaging proofs that are indistinguishable from the final product. Our superior colour accuracy, huge range of substrates, finishes and embellishments mean that you can easily achieve the look you desire.


No Label Look Features

‘No label’ look

No Label Look is achieved using clear films and varnishes, making your label seamless, and blended into the packaging itself. Providing a premium look and feel.

Tactile Varnishing Features

Tactile varnishing

Helping to enhance shelf appeal and encouraging customer engagement, tactile varnishes come in a range of textures, each creating a unique and compelling aesthetic.

Cold Foil Features

Cold foil

Perfect for smooth health and beauty packaging, cold foiling brings a sense of exclusiveness and premium branding to health and beauty products.

Boxes Tubes & Flexibles Features

Boxes, tubes and flexible packaging

Our prototyping service is bespoke for each project, we can offer a wide range of packaging formats and advise on the best choice of material and printing options.

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